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Labor Support

A Labor Doula is the perfect addition to any mama’s birth team and works closely with the entire family. On the most joyous day of every mother’s life, a doula is there to provide physical and emotional support, encouragement, comfort, positivity, respect, breathing techniques, visualization, laboring positions, relaxing massage, and most of all, love.

And the care from a Labor Doula starts long before the birth of a baby. From early pregnancy, Labor Doulas meet with clients to discuss their ideal birth, their values and needs and what they want or don’t want, help them to develop a birth plan, answer any questions or concerns that may arise and offer evidence based information and referrals as needed so that mamas can make informed decisions and be powerful self-advocates, particularly once labor starts.

Another aspect of the doula’s non-clinical scope of practice is to work effectively and communicate respectfully with other members of the birth team such as midwives, doctors, and nurses, to create a positive environment for clients and their families during the labor and birth process.

Labor Doulas also assist during the immediate postpartum period to offer newborn care and breastfeeding technique.

Postpartum Care

A Postpartum Doula is a valuable person to offer support, information, referrals, care and help mama settle into a new routine at home once she has given birth. Postpartum Doulas focus on mama’s physical and emotional recovery, newborn care and breastfeeding issues, assist with household organization, run errands, meal planning and preparation, care for older siblings while mama and baby bond, and ensure mama is getting the rest and self-care she needs in order to heal.

As skilled support persons, offering resources and referrals is a very important aspect of a Postpartum Doula, particularly when mamas may be suffering with Postpartum Depression or Anxiety. It’s so crucial for mamas to get the support and encouragement they need to work through PPD and to know that they are not alone in their struggles. 


Placenta Art

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Birth Photography

There is nothing more special than capturing the amazing moments of giving birth! The empowering face of a mama pushing, the tears of joy from both parents seconds after they see their baby for the first time, a baby’s first cry and skin-to-skin cuddling are all breathtaking instances that only happen once and having a photo to look back on with fond memories of that special and intimate day is a priceless treasure to behold.

Birth Planning

While helping mamas construct their birth plan is included with all birth packages, this service is also available for mamas who maybe aren't able to hire a doula or are purchasing placenta art services only. Having a birth plan is extremely important and putting it down on paper is crucial in ensuring that everyone involved on the day of your labor and baby's birth is well aware of your wishes. A prenatal appointment is scheduled to go over many different aspects of labor and birth and rough and final copy of your birth plan will be constructed and emailed to you shortly afterwards.