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Birth With Love    $650

Labor Doula service at its finest! Includes an introductory meet and greet plus two prenatal visits during pregnancy to discuss mama's birth plan and feelings about giving birth, labor techniques, pain management, breastfeeding goals and any other questions or concerns. Phone, texts and emails are also welcome throughout pregnancy to discuss whatever comes up. During the month that baby is due, please get in touch anytime! Once labor starts, call or text whenever you are ready and in active labor and I will be there until baby is born and breastfeeding is established. Then it's time for mama and family to bond with their new bundle of joy!

(Departure may be later if requested.)

Expect a 2-3 hour postpartum visit as well once mama and baby are up for it to address any issues, answer questions, give advice, offer referrals or just chat over coffee!

Love At Home Postpartum Care    $950

The hard work for mama isn't over after labor. Adjusting to life at home with a newborn can have its challenges, especially when you need extra support. From newborn care to breastfeeding support, grocery shopping and meal planning, household organization, errand running, caring for older siblings, to letting mama nap, your Postpartum Doula has it covered!

Postpartum Doula care is a great asset and includes 3 days per week, 4 hours per day (minimum) for 4 weeks.

Love at Home Mini Pack    $550

A smaller and more affordable package designed for mamas who may already have family support but need just a tad more! Includes 2 days per week, 3 hours per day for 4 weeks.

(Regular Postpartum Rate is $25 per hour for additional time.

All The Mama Love    $1450

Get the best of both Doula worlds! This amazing bundle includes all the Labor Services of Birth With Love and the Postpartum Care that comes with Love at Home.

Love Some Sleep    $2450

An ideal overnight option for families with multiples, single mamas, or when everyone just needs to get some sleep! Postpartum Doula care at night includes assisting with feedings, diaper changing, helping get baby down and making sure that mama gets the rest she needs.

8 hours per night (until 5 am only), 3 nights per week for 4 weeks.

(Regular Overnight Postpartum Rate is $35 per hour for additional time. Shorter time periods can also be accommodated.)

Birth and Rest, How Lovely!    $2850

This wonderful combination includes all Birth With Love services along with Love Some Sleep Overnight Postpartum Care. After the birth of a sweet baby (or two!), mama will need her rest and an extra pair of hands!

(Regular Overnight Postpartum Rate is $35 per hour for additional time. Shorter time periods can also be accommodated.)

A Lil' Extra Love...

Placenta Encapsulation with cord keepsake    $210

During a prenatal meeting, the amazing benefits of placenta encapsulation will be addressed along with any risks, reasons why not to encapsulate, sanitization procedures and service contract information.

The placenta will be picked up from hospital (or homebirth location) within two hours of giving birth (between 9 am - 7 pm) and must be stored in a plastic airtight container or cooler with ice.


Upon pickup, and in our completely sterile environment, placenta will be prepared from raw or steamed, dehydrated in our top of the line Excalibur dehydrator, ground in a NutriBullet Extractor, and put into non-GMO, gluten and starch free, biodegradable vegetable capsules, and then placed in an airtight labeled amber glass jar and delivered to you within 48 hours after the birth, either back to the hospital (depending on your length of stay) or to your residence.

All placenta encapsulations include a beautiful digital photo and memorable umbilical cord keepsake, however mamas may also choose to have the cord ground up for encapsulation due to the amount of iron found in the cord blood.

Great Additions: 

2 oz Placenta Tincture - $30

4 oz Placenta Tincture - $50

Placenta Prints - $25

(food grade dye and acid free watercolor paper)

Additional Placenta Services Available:

4 oz Salves (ingredients vary based on individual preferences) - $35

Raw Smoothies (your choice of ingredients, includes delivery to hospital) - $30

Frozen Raw Placenta Cubes  - varies, please inquire

Milk or Dark Chocolates - varies, please inquire

Mother's Tea or Broth - varies, please inquire

*Placenta services should be booked well in advance of due date to ensure availability. Notification of labor should be given immediately in order to prepare for pick up of the placenta in a timely manner.

Birth Photography    $150

Includes six fully edited digital images on CD (most clients receive up to 10 images). Disc will be delivered within 14 days after the birth.

*This is an add-on service for mamas who have purchased a birth package and is not available as a service on its own.

Birth Planning    $50

While helping mamas construct their birth plan is included with all birth packages, this service is also available for mamas who maybe aren't able to hire a doula or are purchasing placenta encapsulation services only. Having a birth plan is extremely important and putting it down on paper is crucial in ensuring that everyone involved on the day of your labor and baby's birth is well aware of your wishes. A prenatal appointment is scheduled to go over many different aspects of labor and birth and rough and final copy of your birth plan will be constructed and emailed to you shortly afterwards.

**All above prices subject to change without notice**