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Sweet Words From Our Mamas!

(and a proud Papa!)

Tamara was extremely supportive and didn't question any of the decisions I made but helped talk me through my options.    I was very grateful for Tamara.

Chelsey M, February 2016

The experience I had after speaking with Tamara gave me peace of mind as far as what I wanted. She went into detail in explaining everything to me and left me more educated, relaxed and assured than I was before. I would definitely recommend her to any momma-to-be. She is hands on and reliable. Excellent communication made for the best experience. Thank you so much Tamara!

G.M., April 2016

The (placenta) pills were fantastic, I found they helped a lot with leveling out my emotions. I was having a fair amount of postpartum anxiety and it went away once I started taking the pills. I didn't finish the bottle, I have some left and I find if I'm really stressed if I take a couple it helps level me out. It's something all women should do and I will 100% do it with my next child. I'm super happy I got the tincture too, especially once my cycle returns. I always had really bad hormonal problems around my period so I'm excited to use it around then.

Jasmine, April 2016
The shake was great. The capsules are wonderful and I would do it again. I haven't had any negative side effects and bounced back quite fast.
Sarah V, June 2016
I actually ended up with no postpartum symptoms! My hair and nails actually grew faster than it did during my pregnancy.          I  haven't took one in a couple weeks and noticed a change in my supply lowering so I was going to start taking them again.    I loved them!!

Morgan P, August 2016

Although we didn't know you for very long, you are now a very important person in our hearts, for sharing in the birth of our baby boy.

Charlotte H, September 2016

Tamara was very helpful with me as this was my first child. She was encouraging and supportive in teaching and helping me through the whole process both 'pre and post'.

Jason H, September 2016

Very positive experience, lots of laughter and great suggestions for back labor.

Amberlee M, November 2016

Tamara is wonderful to deal with and very professional. As a C-section mom of 3, I used Tamara's services for placenta encapsulation. I had this done for my second pregnancy and found my mood much better post pregnancy than with my first when I did not encapsulate. I opted for the raw method this time and found these capsules to be '"super-charged". I followed the instructions for taking them for the first two weeks post pregnancy and was full of energy, even with a toddler and a 6 year old to look after too. Now I take them when I feel that I need a "boost".

Thank you, Tamara for the wonderful service!

Mary D, November 2016

I wish I had another bottle of capsules. I truly find that they helped me tremendously . I know the days where I may have forgotten to take them as well.

T.C., December 2016

I still have some capsules left but I think that they helped so much. My milk came in quick, baby latched right on, I healed quick and feel great!

R.H., May 2017

The placenta capsules are awesome! Seems like I'm almost out and I wish I  had more. Trying not to take one every day now so that they last longer.

Jennifer, June 2017